This monument is located on the left side of the road Rabot-Zaamin, village Shurchi, Zaamin district. It looks like a square with area of ​​106 x 106 meters and a height of 2.5-3 meters.
Turtkultepa was one of the many existing caravanserais - a haven for caravans and travellers, who were moving from Samarkand to Zaamin.
There were found out the entrance to the caravanserai In the archaeological excavations conducted in the second half of 1990. The gates were located right in the centre of the defensive wall. The walls around the gate built in the style of the raw arc, width about 2.5 meters.
There were located the living and storage premises, inside the four defensive walls. The main means of transport - camels, horses and other animals were kept in the yard.
Historical values ​​found during archaeological excavations, dating back to the Samanid (X century) and Karakhanids (XI-XII centuries) dynasty.
Panoramic photo of Turkultepa