Route to Zaamin

Tashkent - Zaamin 280-300 km.
From Tashkent to Zaamin drive by train or motor transport.
Motor Transport. You can get bus from Tashkent to Zaamin district center from coach station, which is located near the metro station "Almazar" (Sabir Rakhimov) where you may also find minibus or cars at the price optional.
By bus, minibus or car.
Tashkent - Gulistan - city of Djizak - Zaamin or Tashkent, Gulistan-Yangiyer-Zaamin.
From Tashkent visit to the Jizzakh city bus station (220 km, 2.5 hours) and from there go to Zaamin (55-60 km - 45-50 minutes).
Train. There is no direct train trips to Zaamin, but you can through the Jizzakh city.
Soon to open a station close to Zaamin, in the Dashtabad village. The train arrives at the railway station of Jizzakh city. There is a bus ride from the train station towards the bus station. You can also hire a taxi.