The pilgrimage "Ko’k tonli ota"

Memorial " Ko’k tonli ota " (Old man, who dressed in a blue robe) occupied 2.4 ha square and located  5 km from the district center of Zaamin and  situated along the mountain road Zaamin-Bahmal.
In the annals of Abulgozi Bahodirhon  "Shazharai tarokima" it was said that the Leader of the people of the village Kangly nicknamed "Ko’k tonli" (Dressed in a blue robe.)
Local belief says that "If plant a tree seedling or seeds to this ground with faith in heart, they will spring up"
The name of name repose engraved at the memorial stone as a "Wazir Sohib Zabonboy, died in 1209". This tomb was discovered in 2006 by archaeologist Tura Ergashev.