Zaamin National Park

Located: in the district Zaamin, Jizzakh region of Uzbekistan, 25 km from Zaamin district center (55 km from the city of Jizzakh).
Extent: from North to South - 30 km, from East to West 17 km.
Founded: September 8, 1976.
Number of staff: 26 people, 8 of foresters, 4 rangers.
Area: 24,110 hectares, including forest-covered - 12,130 ha forest land - 16,783 hectares, non-forest - 7327 ha.
Rainfall: 700-800 mm.
The highest point in the park: Mount Shaukartau (4030 m)
Mountain Holsters (3925 m)
Iskander mountain (3945 m)

Description: Zaamin National Park established for the preservation, restoration and recreational development of unique mountain juniper ecosystems. There were allocated two zones – recreational and buffer. A strong mountains’ barrier in the south and south-east of the Turkestan range, as well as a wide-open northern part, have a significant effect on the microclimate of the park.
Two zones of juniper forests distinguished by geobotanical zoning. They are thermophilic and microthermophilic juniper zones. The territory of the National Park is a natural health centre and favourite recreation area of residents. The park creates a maximum of conditions and facilities for ecotourists. There are more than 50 species of medicinal and food plants in the park.

Panoramic photos of Zaamin National Park

1.National Park (from above )

2.  National Park