KULTEPE - medieval settlement of Sabato. Ancient settlement Kultepe located in the south of Kultepa village, on the left bank of Hodzhamushket River and matched with the medieval Sabato.
Medieval Sabat, the center of one of North Ustrushana of steppe Rustaqs, was nearby on Zamin and  point on a large trade road from Sogdiana in Khojend, Fergana and further to China. According to Ibn Khordabeh and Ibn al-Faknh, it was two (Persian) miles from Zamin at Istakhri - three (Persian) miles according Muqaddasi - in the two transitions. Part of the Arab geographers called Sabat among cities of Ustrushana (Istakhri, Ibn Haukal, Ya'kut). However, according to Muqaddasi and Kudama, it was a large settlement.
For the first time the location of the medieval Sabat proposed P.S. Skvarskin. Even in the last century, he compared it to the Iski Savat (modern Savate-Rawat), located 10 km north of the village of Savat. Since this assumption, which not supported by research in the area, entered into a number of scientific works, including one of the last, which devoted to the North-West Ustrushana. In 1974, as a result of exploration, it was suggested to find the medieval city not in the north but in the south of Savat.
However, it was possible to identify it with the medieval Sabat only after sheer investigation of Hodzhamushkeit basin and conducted excavations on the site.
Furthermore, the proposed localization of Sabat is another argument in favour of facilities in the Shahristan village of Ustrushana Bundzhikat . According Istakhri, "between the main city of Ustrushana and Sabat is three (Persian) miles to southeast". Shakhristan located exactly to the south-east of ancient city Kultepe, while Ura-Tube, which pretended as the capital of Ustrushana at its time, located in the east of that ancient city.
Medieval Sabat - one of the few points of Ustrushana about which Arabian travellers wrote some details. In particular, it is reported that the city was running water and was surrounded by gardens. Undoubtedly, Hodzhamushkentsay  is a fast mountain river, originated from spring and mentioned by Arab geographers as a source of running water.