"Khuja Sarob ota" Memorial

Memorial "Khuja Sarob ota" (Master of stream source) occupied an area of ​​2 hectares and  located near the village of Pishogor. Neighborhood of memorial covered with thick greenery and traveller, who came here feels calm and serenity, as if all the problems are out of this place.
The mosque and mausoleum are located just above. Here lies the body of famous scholar Muhammad Mavlono Pishogory, 1321 DOB.  His work is mentioned in the annals of Fakhriddin Ali ibn Voiz Koshify "Rashhatu aynul hayot." According to reports, Mavlono Muhammad was known theologian, a follower of a religious movement Naqshbandi, arrived at the trip and decided to stay here. He was engaged in viticulture and horticulture, as well as training the children of local residents.
According to local belief spring water has healing powers. If you drink spring water and make a wish, it will be granted. Currently, water from the spring consumes more than three thousand villagers of Pishogor and Kangly. 
Panaromic photo of Lake near Hujai Sarob ota
Lake Hazrati Sarob