Fortress Myk

The fortress Myk is located in the area that is 20 km south of the village Ettisuv and 40 km south of Zaamin.
The fortress consists of 3 parts – Myk I (Upper Castle), Myk II (lower castle, which, in fact, connected to all the legends) and and Myk III (industrial and residential area).
Myk I is located at a height of 80 m and was founded in the VII-VIII centuries.
Myk II is located at 50 m below the Myk I in an area of 30 square meters. Here 15 rooms, ceramics and military supplies, which belong to the X-XI centuries were discovered.
Myk III is located in the north of Myk II and was founded in the VI-VII centuries.
In the fortress Myk the blacksmith craft was developed, as well as iron ore mining, manufacture of metal weapons and other metal products, exported to the regions of the Ferghana Valley, were established.
Myk 1 is the ruins of the castle, which was built from clay blocks and bricks on top of a rocky cliff at a height of 80 m above of the valley. Construction of a triangle shape, which vertices are decorated with towers. The function of the tower on the southern apex of the triangle performed rectangular building with three narrow rooms and preserved as an archway to this day.
In general, the structure of the castle should be distinct traditions of castle architecture VII-VIII centuries. There were ceremonial hall with sofas along walls and selected honourable place, a sanctuary with an altar niche for the kindling of the sacred fire, decorated with two columns. Hall and the Sanctuary merged by corridor, but at the same time, separated from it by complex entrance device - the vestibule.
This part of the castle is isolated from the room, and a courtyard and also two store-rooms. It seems that the area of ​​the castle was a much more than that we are describing now. This is evidenced by the foundation of the tower, which stands in the 20 meters to the east of the base of  Myk I. It seems that, only  one-third of the castle was remained from the main part . 
Panoramic photos of Fortress Myk
1. Fortress Myk 1
2. Fortress Myk 2
3. Fortress Myk 3
4. Fortress Myk 4
5. Fortress Myk 5
6. Fortress Myk 6