Cave "Peshagar"

The cave is located near the village of Pishogor. The items found in the Pishogor cave have archaeological value and therefore they are of great interest for scientists.  The Peshogor cave clearly demonstrates that the early communities used it as a dwelling. There were found out interesting stuff: bones, household items, pottery shards. Also, paintings were discovered on the walls of the cave. To get to the cave "Peshagar", first you must go to the village in Peshagar in Zaamin district. To a certain place can be reached by car, but then you will reach about 5 km on foot or on a cart. 
Panoramic photos of Peshagor Cave and gorge
1. Peshagor Cave 1
2. Peshagor Cave 2
3. Peshagor gorge 1
4. Peshagor gorge 2