Aktepa located in the Zaamin district centre, on the right bank of Zaamin river, about 0.8-1.0 km east of Kurgantepe (Urdatepe), where located the memorial complex. Monument severely disrupted by north and south roads, and from the east and west - residential buildings. It consists of a "tower" and the surrounding area from the west, which also cannot be accurately defined and occupied by the existing cemetery. Preserved part (without neighbourhood) has 51x52 m dimensions, 15 m height  and its over top platform is pitted. Intensive traces habitation are fixed in the form cob brick layer, humus and ash layers, burned areas, masonry, abundant inclusions of pottery and animal bones on all sides. The cob brick walls trace in the upper outcrop of north-eastern and southern parts of this place.
The monument has repeatedly drawn the attention of specialists. There was noted ceramic stove of X-XII centuries in the northern shear of Aktepe. According to local residents (Aktepa mahalla), recently there was located brick burner on the south side of the monument.
Excavations continued down along the aforementioned wall. In the middle of Stage XXV cleared a well-established pitch, which underlain by pebble layer with 55 cm thick. By turn, that pebble was lying on the larger stones. Described level and pebble were fixed not throughout the pit area, but stretched a narrow strip from north to south in the eastern part. A similar output pebbles traced in other places of the monument too. There were marked sinter layers in the stage XXX. There was Capital Middle Age wall as a semicircle. It is possible that it was cut in this the way in Karahanid time. There were cleared four badrabs relating to this period during excavation.
Pit area has been reduced from the stage XXX and the excavation continued by narrow trench in the southern part. Sinter layer underlain pretty solid ground with small stones, humus layers, burnt areas. There were found fragments of pitchers and stones in sinter layers